The estimated $40 Billion in unused gift cards is real money with real purchasing value that's been sucked from our economy. Why?

Well, the industry screws over consumers:  

  • Sellers get less than 60% of the value of their card
  • Buyers have to pay up to 99% of the value for those same cards  

So only the brokers win. Hence the $40 Billion wasted and the resulting consumer apathy.

We're just a team that seeks to solve this problem with a little creativity and by providing consumers incredible value and motivation. If we can accomplish this goal, then everybody wins:

  • Gift card seller: gets unprecedented value for their gift card and it's not even close
  • Gift card buyer: gets the cards they want AND 20% more in real purchasing power for their money
  • Original retailer: gets people who actually want to shop in their stores, resulting in increased sales
  • Overall U.S. Economy: gets up to $40 billion flowing back into the economy

Above all else though, the most important thing to us is that both buyers and sellers get incredible value and truly enjoy the whole experience with MoneyFan.  

The result is what you see here. While we may not have the perfect app that is completely polished in presentation, we have a great desire to revolutionize the industry while providing customers with great service and value. Our service is designed to be completely risk-free to consumers, meaning you should never lose money or value by using our service as intended.  

So, please try our service, tell your friends, and give us constructive feedback. The service will get better for everyone as more people participate.

Once we can demonstrate to consumers that our solution eliminates consumer risks, we have even better consumer services in our pipeline to offer for unused gift cards.  

Hopefully, this is just the beginning …