Frequently Asked Questions

In summary, the more entries per day, the easier it is to earn each in-app achievement, so it's in your best interests to get as many friends/family involved as possible!

Where is your Android App?

We don't currently have an Android native app, but if you go to and pin it to your home screen, you'll get a full screen app experience, very much like the native iOS app.

Is this even legal?

Our games operate under Sweepstakes laws, so this is legal in all 50 states. We are owned and operated in the United States and have no interest in breaking the law. Therefore, we operate in accordance with all applicable state and federal laws.

How does your launch referral program work?

When your friends submit a gift card for cash or to pay subscription fees, they just enter your username in the "Referred By" field in the submission form.  

When any of your referrals wins $30 or more in the daily sweepstakes game, we'll give you the same amount they won.  In-app achievement winnings are not eligible. 

And for any referral referred before August 3, 2017, you'll get DOUBLE their wins over $30.  For example, if your referral wins $100 in a sweepstakes game, we'll give you $200.  So start referring your friends now!


*  Only one account per customer is allowed.

**  Gift cards submitted by referrals must be valid with at least $20 in funds

Do I have to subscribe to get an entry into the game?

No purchase is necessary to enter the sweepstakes game.  You can mail a letter to the address below and we will credit your account with tokens.  

Deuce 4, Inc.

PO Box 3512

Bellevue, WA 98009-3512

Please note, it can take several business days before we can credit your account with tokens due to the inherent amount of time and steps involved.

Can I enter a single game multiple times?

Only 1 entry per game per person is allowed.

What are your in-app achievements for Subscribers?

How do I sell my gift card for cash today and what do I need to do win more?

Just create an account and submit your gift card information in our Cashier Screen. As soon as we verify the amount, we'll credit your MoneyFan account with the funds and sweepstake(s) tokens.

You can then go to the Cashier screen and withdraw the money to your personal PayPal account, and enter our sweepstakes games.

Don't worry, we won't sell your personal information, but all sales are final. 

Can I sell gift cards with amounts not listed on the home page? 

Yes, anything over $20 is acceptable.  We will give 50% in cash the same-day and will give proportional sweepstakes token amounts.

So exactly how does the subscription option work?

Basically, we have a gift card store where everything is 20% - 50% off, but we've game-ified the experience to benefit you even more, if you want.

All you do is answer multiple choice prediction questions.  If your predictions are better than 3 consecutive random opponents you'll win up to $100 daily.  

And through in-app achievements, if you out-predict a minimum number of random opponents over a 3-consecutive day period, you'll earn even more money, up to $10,000.

*Note: There is a limit of 1 gift card purchase per day, to prevent reseller businesses from ruining our customer experience.

I'm supposed to subscribe using gift card funds? 

Yes, while we do offer credit card, in-app purchase, and PayPal payment options, we make it cheaper for you to just pay with an unused gift card.  Subscription fee is $2.50 per day from your gift card funds, or $3 per day if you pay with credit card or PayPal.

WAIT! I thought there was no financial risk?

There is no financial risk. We are letting you buy dollars for 80 cents or less. For example, if you buy a $20 gift card, you'll pay only $16 for the card plus the $3 access fee. You've actually made $1 in real monetary value.    

Similarly, if you buy a $100 gift card, you've made $17 in real monetary value in the transaction. 

What exactly do I get if I use my gift cards to pay access fees on MoneyFan?

Here's what you'll get:

* Note: An individual day's "opponents defeated" count can be applied to only 1 in-app achievement reward.  

** Note: Due to the nature of our patent-pending contest resolution engine, the number of opponents defeated is constrained by the virtual tournament bracket size.  See table below for an example of how many opponents can be defeated given the number of entries.

How do I pay with a gift card?

Go to the Cashier screen in the app, select "Submit Gift Card" and submit your gift card information.  Once we validate the funds on the card, we will credit your account and send you a notification.

Note:  All gift card payments are final, once it's been verified by MoneyFan.

Can I use gift cards with partial values?

As long as the card still has $20 or more left in value. We will accept any denomination $20 and above.

What if I don't have any gift cards to use? Can I still participate?

It is $3 for each day you want access, which includes 1 sweepstakes entry.  We accept PayPal, iOS in-app purchases, and AmazonPay (web app only).

But it's only $2.50 per day if using funds from gift cards.  Where else can your unused gift card get more than cash value?

What is the game and how does it work?

It's a very easy multiple-choice prediction game where you answer a series of questions, trying to predict what will happen in upcoming events.  It could be sports, weather, stock market, entertainment, politics, or a combination of all.

The goal is for your predictions to be better than random opponents.  If they are better than 3 consecutive random opponents, you'll win $3.  The more opponents defeated in-a-row, the more money you'll win, up to $100.

How do I win money in the game and what are the odds of winning?

Odds of winning at least $3 in our standard sweepstakes game are 1 in 8.  Prize amount depends on how many random people you beat with your set of predictions.  If your predictions beat just 3 random people, you win.  Out-predict more, win more. Prizes awarded daily.  

See diagram below for more information about our patent-pending game resolution engine:

So go find all those old gift cards lying around!


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