Sports Pool Sweepstakes
Earn Cash, Bitcoin, Giftcards, and more by
playing daily sports pool sweepstakes games
Sports pool games with multiple choice questions so even the most casual fans can play and win.
Daily Payouts of up to $100
to winners!
In-App Achievements
Earn up to $1,000 extra
by earning cool achievements like:

Most consecutive correct predictions
# of opponents beaten over 3 days
Win When Your Friends Win
Refer friends and win whenever they win $30+ in a game!

Sit back and let your friends win you money too
Earn Double With Gift Cards
Use your unwanted gift cards and earn 2X yours and your friends' winnings!

Turn those wasted cards into the gift that keeps on giving
"Oh What Fun!  get this app, You won't be disappointed"
~ John D. ~
The Best Way to Use Unwanted Gift Cards
If you use at least $50 in unwanted gift cards here, instead of paying with PayPal or your credit card, you'll get double your winnings whenever you or your friends win $30+ in a game

And you'll get at least 20% off gift cards you actually want in our store.  

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